Tactio INEO-ISU05 Industrial 5/8 Port Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Switching Hub

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INEO-ISU-05/08 tactioTM are 5 and 8 port Industrial Ethernet Switches that are designed for a demanding network environment, Ethernet connection and the built-in smart alarm function. These products have a wide operating temperature and a high degree of vibration and shock. They provide IP30 aluminum case, DIN-rail kit and redundant power inputs.

INEO-ISU-05/08 tactioTM provide two power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to live DC power source. If one of the power input fails, the other live source acts as a backup to automatically support the INEO-ISU-05/08’s power needs.

  • Rigid Aluminum Case
  • Redundant DC Power Input
  • Broadcast Storm Protection
  • -10 to 70 °C Operating Temperature
  • DIN-Rail Kit
  • Link Lose Forwarding Technology
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