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About Company

About tactio Corporation

tactio Corporation was founded in 2006 in Hong Kong, China providing Routers, LoadBalancer, and Networking Solutions including both active and passive products. With a strong R&D and manufacturing team who understands the needs of the digital networking industry, we try to work around various solutions to serve the needs of our customers. 

Understanding to relieve pain or create innovative gain is our core value to bring new solutions to the market.

August, 2006
september, 2009
january, 2016
february, 2020

Tactio technology includes various line up including :

Industrial Switch
Good usage for factories and challenging environments, our switch serves dusty area, high temperature area, or chilling area with the well-designed gears to support stable connectivities.

Switching Hub
General usage of networking in home & offices with a range from 5 ports to 48 ports supporting up to 10Gbps of usage.

Media Convertor
Support converting connection of Fiber Optic to UTP with stable throughputs.

POE Solution
Utilizing the LAN cable, we provide power to the end devices with various standards 802.03af/at. This helps organizations to save cost from both electricity bills and the trouble to prepare outlets at the usage areas.

UTP Cable
With high standard coppers, we provide UTP cables that meet the world standard to make sure the throughput is delivered in a stable manner.

Access Point
WiFi is now a fundamental connectivity for various activities and devices. We have a wide range of access points to make sure the coverage is stable and support building a seamless connectivity on the air.