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About tactio Corporation

Hey there! Let me tell you a little something about tactio Corporation, the awesome company that we are. Our mission? To rock the networking industry with our mind-blowing products like Access Point, Switching Hub, Industrial Switch, and all sorts of networking solutions. We’re talking active and passive stuff, the whole shebang!

You see, what makes us stand out is our incredible team of tech wizards. These guys and gals are the real deal. They eat, sleep, and breathe technology, and they’re constantly on the hunt for the next big thing. They’re the reason we’re able to come up with all those crazy cool solutions that keep our customers on the cutting edge.

But hey, it’s not just about being super smart and innovative. We’re all about delivering top-notch quality too. We put our products through some serious testing to make sure they’re rock solid and won’t let you down. From small startups to big-time corporations, we’ve got a diverse crew of clients who trust us to keep their networks running smoothly.

Now, let’s talk about our awesome team. We’re a bunch of passionate folks who love what we do. From our sales team who knows how to listen and find the perfect fit for your needs, to our rockstar customer support team that’s always ready to lend a helping hand, we’re all about making you feel like a VIP. We know that without our incredible customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today, so we go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy.

Oh, and did I mention we’re also big on saving the planet? Yeah, we’re all about being eco-friendly. We believe that doing good doesn’t just stop at making awesome products. We do our part by using energy-efficient manufacturing, processes and making responsible choices when it comes to materials. We’re all about leaving a positive mark on the world while keeping you connected.

So, that’s tactio Corporation in a nutshell. We started out in Hong Kong, rocking the networking world since 2006. With our crazy talented team, top-notch products, and a commitment to being eco-friendly, we’re here to make sure you stay connected and ahead of the game. We’re all about innovation, quality, and having a blast while we do it. Come join the tactio family and let’s make some networking magic happen!

Understanding to relieve pain or create innovative gain is our core value to bring new solutions to the market.

August, 2006
September, 2009
January, 2016
February, 2023

Tactio technology includes various line up including :

Industrial Switch
Our industrial switches are designed to excel in challenging environments, making them the ideal choice for factories and demanding settings. These rugged switches are built to withstand dusty areas, high temperatures, and even chilling environments. With their robust and well-designed gears, they ensure stable connectivity and reliable performance, even in the toughest conditions. Count on our industrial switches to keep your operations running smoothly without skipping a beat.

Switching Hub
Whether you’re setting up a network even in your factory, hotel, school or enterprise, our switching hubs are the perfect solution. We offer a range of options, from compact 8-port hubs to powerful 48-port hubs, capable of supporting up to 10Gbps of data transfer. With lightning-fast speeds and advanced features, our switching hubs provide seamless connectivity for all your devices. Say goodbye to network congestion and lagging connections—our Switching Hubs deliver smooth and efficient performance, enabling you to work or play without interruption.

Media Convertor
Need to convert fiber optic connections to UTP? Our media converters have got you covered. With stable throughput and reliable performance, these converters ensure smooth and efficient data transmission between fiber optic and UTP connections. Whether you’re extending the range of your network or integrating different types of connections, our media converters provide a seamless solution, eliminating compatibility issues and maintaining the integrity of your data.

POE Solution
Say goodbye to the hassle of separate power outlets for your devices. With our Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, you can power your end devices through the LAN cable itself. By leveraging various standards, such as 802.03af/at/bt, PoE+, PoE++ , we enable organizations to save costs on electricity bills while simplifying the setup process. Our PoE solutions are versatile, allowing you to power a wide range of devices, from IP cameras, VoIP to wireless access points, all through a single cable. Enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and cost savings that our PoE solutions bring to your network infrastructure.

UTP Cable
When it comes to stable and reliable connectivity, our high-quality UTP cables are your go-to choice. We ensure that our UTP cables meet world standards, utilizing high-grade copper to deliver consistent and dependable performance. Whether you’re setting up a small-scale network or a large enterprise infrastructure, our UTP cables provide the backbone for seamless data transmission. Count on tactio’s UTP cables to deliver speed, reliability, and peace of mind (many colours).

Access Point
In today’s world, Wi-Fi has become an essential component of connectivity, supporting various activities and devices. At tactio, we offer a wide range of access points designed to provide stable coverage and build a seamless wireless network. Whether you’re setting up a small office or a sprawling enterprise, our access points deliver reliable performance, ensuring fast and secure wireless connections. With tactio access points, you can create a network environment where employees and customers can connect and collaborate effortlessly.

With our comprehensive lineup of industrial switches, switching hubs, media converters, PoE solutions, UTP cables, and access points, tactio corporation has the perfect networking solutions to meet your needs. We combine robust design, advanced features, and exceptional performance to ensure that your network operates at its best. Trust tactio to provide reliable, efficient, and future-proof products that will keep you connected and ahead of the game.