Tactio INEO-01PJG Gigabit PoE Injector

INEO-01PJG is 1 Ethernet Input (data only) port and 1 Output (data + power) port Power over Ethernet Injector that is designed for small or medium network environment to strengthen its network connection. This product can convert standard power into low-voltage DC that runs over existing LAN cable to power up IEEE 802.3at compliant network accessories. It also features PoE awareness to verify whether the network device receive power is IEEE 802.3at compliant, or only the data will be sent through LAN cable. By adding INEO-01PJG to existing networking, installing networking products such as Access Points and IP cameras can be easily managed and set up. Wireless device deployments are easily located with available power outlets and network administrators don’t need to use heavy AC power adapters anymore.

  • 1 Ethernet Input Port (Data Only) + 1 Ethernet Output Port (Data + Power)
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3at,Output Power up to 30W
  • Smart Plug and Play

No Special Networking Cable Required
By adding PoE devices, you can use an existing standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable to deliver both power and data where power source is difficult to obtain. It helps you reduce installation time and cost.

High Power PSE Power Injector
INEO-01PJG is a high power, PSE Power Injector for use in Power over Ethernet systems. The internal current limit and short-circuit protection are designed to provide up to 30W of PSE output power for power hungry PoE applications such as WAPs, security cameras and RFID readers.

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